Drop-in Mentoring Package

Here to support you on demand.


Feeling frazzled and need some quick support?

Not sure where you are going and want some advice?

Need a quick mindset reset?

You want more personalised support?

You just want a few sessions rather than a full program?

Sounds like the Drop-in Session is for you!

I feel you. I have been there. I have answered yes to ALL of those questions before.

I have wondered where on earth I can go for support without signing up to a long program or needing to pay for a lot of sessions.

So I have created my own solution and created the Drop-in Mentoring Package!


A 60 minute session all about supporting you.

You can sign up and pay per session. I will ask you some questions before hand so I can be prepped to spend each of those minutes dedicated to giving you maximum value.

The new Power Hour getting you the results you want.

After the session I will send through a document with helpful tips, resources and strategies to help you move forward.

It is time for you to step away from those mindset blocks that are holding you back and let me guide you back onto your success path.

You can sign up now using the link below.


What is included in a Drop-in Mentoring session?

It is aimed to give you an hour to discuss whatever it is you need.

Aren't sure what it is that is blocking you?

We can work on that too.

In the 60 Minutes, we will:

  • Get to understand the issue holding you back

  • Look at tools and systems that can help you

  • Provide advice where applicable

  • Leave you with a useful list of resources, tips and strategies

  • A follow up email to check on how you a feeling a week later

This hour is about you so we will be flexible on what is included.

Aren't sure if we can help? Hop on a free discovery call and ask!

Look forward to supporting you soon!

Cost: £69.99 per session

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